Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Program Contact: Cornelius Nelan  203-582-8003

The mathematics major provides a broad background in undergraduate mathematics that prepares students for graduate study, and for positions in teaching, business and government. Note: a C- or better is required for all departmental prerequisites, unless otherwise stated.

BA in Mathematics Curriculum

In addition to the University Curriculum and the College of Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts Track requirements, students majoring in mathematics must meet the following requirements for graduation:

Calculus Sequence
Select Option A or Option B:12
Option A:
Calculus of a Single Variable I
Calculus of a Single Variable II
Vector Functions and Geometry of Space
Multivariable Calculus
Option B:
Calculus I
Calculus II
Calculus III
Additional Mathematics Core Courses
MA 229Linear Algebra3
MA 301Foundations of Advanced Mathematics3
MA 321Abstract Algebra3
MA 341Advanced Calculus3
MA 490Mathematics Senior Seminar3
Select three of the following:9
Applied Statistics
Special Topics
Discrete Mathematics
Theory of Computation (CSC 315)
Cryptography (CSC 318)
Numerical Analysis (CSC 361)
Ordinary Differential Equations
Number Theory
Mathematical Statistics and Probability I
Mathematical Statistics and Probability II
Mathematical Modeling
Special Topics in Math
Advanced Algebra
Complex Variables
Elements of Point-Set Topology
Total Credits36

While students must consult with their major adviser in planning a course of study, the department provides the following recommendations.

  • Students interested in teaching should consider MA 285.
  • Students interested in statistics should consider:
    MA 371Mathematical Statistics and Probability I3
    MA 372Mathematical Statistics and Probability II3
    MA 378Mathematical Modeling3
  • Students interested in actuarial studies should consider:
    MA 285Applied Statistics3
    MA 361Numerical Analysis (CSC 361)3
    MA 371Mathematical Statistics and Probability I3
    MA 372Mathematical Statistics and Probability II3
    EC 111Principles of Microeconomics3
    AC 211Financial Accounting3
    CSC 110Programming and Problem Solving3
    Also possibly consider:
    EC 112Principles of Macroeconomics3
    FIN 201Fundamentals of Financial Management3
    FIN 310Investment Analysis3

Admission Requirements: College of Arts and Sciences

The requirements for admission into the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences programs are the same as those for admission to Quinnipiac University.

Admission to the university is competitive, and applicants are expected to present a strong college prep program in high school. Prospective freshmen are strongly encouraged to file an application as early in the senior year as possible, and arrange to have first quarter grades sent from their high school counselor as soon as they are available.

For detailed admission requirements, including required documents, please visit the Admissions page of this catalog.