Program Contact: Stephanie Jacobson 203-582-8907

The Dual-Degree BA/BS to Master of Social Work (4+2) program is designed for students already enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at Quinnipiac who have an interest in pursuing a career in the field of social work and mental health. This program of study can be applied to in the spring of a student's junior year. Upon acceptance into the 4+2 program, students work with their academic advisers who design a customized program to meet the career goals of students.   

The Quinnipiac University MSW program prepares social workers for specialized practice in health and mental health. The curriculum emphasizes interprofessional education to familiarize students with a team-based health and mental health care approach. The MSW program equips students to provide clients with clinical social work skills, including counseling, crisis intervention and trauma-informed treatments, as well as access to social welfare and community resources. Students are prepared for social work licensure as part of the MSW coursework. Graduates of this MSW program meet eligibility requirements for both the LMSW and the LCSW. 

Social work is the major provider of mental health care and one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. Graduates of this MSW program enter a broad range of high-demand fields. Hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, mental health clinics, schools, health departments, and social welfare, criminal justice and community organizations rely on social workers to provide health and mental health care to a wide variety of clients. These include treating persons with trauma, such as veterans with PTSD; people with chronic illnesses; and many others. Social workers are also a crucial link between patients/clients and other healthcare professionals, ensuring that people receive critical health and mental health care.

Students in this program must complete all the requirements of the BA or BS major and the MSW. Students should work with their undergraduate advisers on a plan that ensures their academic progression through their major.

During the undergraduate portion of this program, students must complete the University Curriculum, major requirements, and all other university requirements. Students apply into this program spring of their junior years. Once accepted, students take nine credits of graduate coursework in their senior year. These nine MSW credits are used to fulfill both undergraduate and graduate requirements. Students must achieve a grade of B or higher in the graduate social work courses. Students earn the Master's Degree in Social Work upon satisfactory completion of all MSW graduate curriculum requirements.

Students admitted to the program take nine credits of graduate coursework in their senior year in addition to at least 111 undergraduate credits that satisfy the University Curriculum and all major requirements. The following table outlines the curricular requirements of the program beginning in the senior year of the undergraduate portion when students begin taking graduate level courses. 

Plan of Study Grid
Fall SemesterCredits
SW 504 Social Welfare and Social Policy 3
SW 511 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I: Theories for Practice for Individuals and Families 3
9 Undergraduate Credits 9
Spring Semester
SW 512 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II: Theories for Groups, Organizations and Communities 3
12 Undergraduate Credits 12
Fifth Year
Fall Semester
SW 500 Generalist Field Education Practicum I 3
SW 501 Social Work Practice I: Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families 3
SW 505 Social Work Research 3
Spring Semester
SW 502 Generalist Field Education Practicum II 3
SW 503 Social Work Practice Ii: Social Work Practice with Groups, Organizations and Communities 3
SW 507 Issues of Diversity and Oppression 3
SW 580 Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis 3
Sixth Year
Fall Semester
SW 600 Specialized Practice Field Education Practicum in Health/Behavioral Health I 3
SW 601 Social Work Practice III: Specialized Clinical Social Work Practice 3
SW 604 Evaluation Research Work Programs and Practice 3
6 Credits of SW Electives 6
Spring Semester
SW 602 Specialized Practice Field Education Practicum in Health/Behavioral Health II 3
SW 603 Social Work Practice IV: Specialized Organizational Social Work Practice 3
9 Credits of SW Electives 9
 Total Credits81