Master of Science in Interactive Media and Communications

Program Contact: Phillip Simon 203-582-8274

The Master of Science in Interactive Media and Communications program merges creative, visual and critical thinking to mold expert digital storytellers and designers who are able to reach audiences on any platform in the world.

The program not only prepares students to design, produce and manage a range of content but also to become strong creative thinkers and visual leaders. Students learn principles of human-centered design to better understand and connect with a wide range of audiences and apply design thinking strategies to solve creative, technical and business-related obstacles.

The program provides a deep exploration into all aspects of media, including web design and production; social media analytics; digital audio, video and graphics; and UX and UI.

Regardless of the specialty, the completion of a practice-based portfolio capstone is central to the program experience. This capstone is not a singular project, but a robust, web-based portfolio generated over time that will showcase accumulated work and skill set depth. The student's portfolio is influenced by every course and program experience and can be shown to employers in a range of fields from marketing, public relations and advertising to journalism, publishing, entertainment and health care.

The program encourages applications from prospective students who want to apply skills acquired during their undergraduate education or professional careers. Students come from a diverse range of experiences such as journalism, information technology, graphic design, web design/management, game design, broadcasting, filmmaking, media studies and public relations; as well as liberal arts and sciences.