Master of Science in Journalism

Program Contact: Molly Yanity 203-582-5031

The MS in Journalism program emphasizes the command of journalism fundamentals and new technologies—all in the service of effective and innovative storytelling. A core of foundational courses stresses the development and practice of reporting and digital skills, and provides a solid underpinning in media ethics.

The program is designed so that students, in consultation with their adviser, develop areas of inquiry to engage in a deep exploration of current issues. By taking elective courses in communications and other areas of the university, students are equipped with the knowledge and insight that lead to high-quality journalistic work.

Our graduates are nimble and adaptable journalists who excel at gathering facts, conducting interviews, writing and producing informative and engaging stories, and expertly using a variety of digital tools.

Courses and labs are offered in our professional all-digital broadcast production environment. Our facilities include a high-definition studio, two 4K video editing suites, HD editing suites for single or group projects and other areas designed to support both studio and remote productions.

Video cameras, audio recorders, lights and other gear required to capture interviews and events in the field are available to students through our well-stocked and expertly maintained equipment inventory.

Prior to entering the program, students who do not have a journalism background must complete the boot camp course.