Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature

Program Contact: Luis Arata   203-582-8658

The study of Spanish Language and Literature offers a number of advantages. In addition to major cultural benefits, the study of how important populations outside and within our borders communicate from day to day enhances the individual’s value in the workplace.

The program has three components: Spanish language (written and oral); culture of Spain and Latin America; and major literary works in Spanish.

Students undertaking the Spanish major are prepared for careers dependent in part on facility with the language and familiarity with the culture. These include employment in international business, journalism and mass communications, health care, government, education, criminal justice and law, among others. The Spanish major requires completion of 36 credits, with a grade of C or higher. At least 18 credits of the 36 credits required for the major must be completed on campus.

Double majors are encouraged.

Honor Society

The department rewards students who do outstanding work in Spanish language courses with membership in Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish language honor society.

BA in Spanish Language and Literature Curriculum

In addition to the University Curriculum and the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum requirements, students majoring in Spanish Language and Literature must meet the following requirements for graduation:

Spanish Core Requirements
Written and oral fluency in Spanish:
Complete the following or their equivalent:9
Advanced Spanish I
Advanced Spanish II
Advanced Conversation 1
Cultural literacy, including a familiarity with Hispanic cultures and fine arts, historical and sociopolitical matters, and/or linguistics:
Complete 12 credits in courses on Spanish culture or Spanish American culture taught in Spanish12
Possible courses include:
Culture of Spain
History of the Romance Languages
Latin American Cultures I
Latin American Cultures II
The Spanish Caribbean
Knowledge of major works of literature written in Spanish:
Complete 12 credits in courses on Spanish or Spanish-American literature taught in Spanish12
Possible courses include:
Approaches to Literary Genres
Masterpieces of Spanish Literature
Spanish American Literature from the Conquest to 1880
Spanish American Literature from 1880 to Present
Nineteenth Century Literature of Spain
Spanish Drama and Poetry of the Golden Age
Contemporary Literature in Spanish
SP 450Senior Seminar3
Total Credits36

Admission Requirements: College of Arts and Sciences

The requirements for admission into the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences programs are the same as those for admission to Quinnipiac University.

Admission to the university is competitive, and applicants are expected to present a strong college prep program in high school. Prospective freshmen are strongly encouraged to file an application as early in the senior year as possible, and arrange to have first quarter grades sent from their high school counselor as soon as they are available.

For detailed admission requirements, including required documents, please visit the Admissions page of this catalog.