Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Cultures

Program Contact: Aileen Dever  203-582-8500

The study of Spanish Language and Cultures offers a number of advantages. Students become proficient in oral and written Spanish and also learn about the rich cultural heritage, art, literature and history of Spain and Spanish-American countries. Students with language skills and international awareness are highly prized in the workplace.

The program has three components: Spanish language (written and oral); culture of Spain and Latin America; and major literary works in Spanish. A degree in Spanish helps to prepare students for successful careers that depend on facility with the language and familiarity with the culture and include fields such as communications, criminal justice, education, government, health care, international business, journalism, law, public relations and others. The Spanish major requires completion of 36 credits, with a grade of C or higher. At least 18 credits of the 36 credits required for the major must be completed on campus.

Double majors are encouraged.

Honor Society

The department rewards students who do outstanding work in Spanish language courses with membership in Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish language honor society.