Program Contact: Aileen Dever 203-582-8500

The Minor in Hispanic and Latin American Studies is flexible and interdisciplinary, offering courses in culture, literature, and an array of electives. Students gain important insights and perspectives about the artistic, economic, environmental, historic, linguistic and political distinctiveness of Hispanic countries. (‘Hispanic country’ is defined as a country where Spanish is the primary or one of the primary spoken languages.) Students also come to appreciate the challenges faced by peoples who live in Hispanic nations today.

The 18-credit minor consists of three required courses taught in English:

HSP 210: Culture and Civilization of Spain

HSP 373: Latin American Cultures I

HSP 374: Latin American Cultures II

Students then select three electives (9 credits) to complete the minor and may suggest other electives beyond those listed in the curriculum section after consulting with their minor advisor. Electives may include culture and literature courses as well as internships and study abroad. Students can choose to complete the minor entirely in English or incorporate Spanish language courses. At least 9 credits must be taken on campus.

Required Courses 9
The Culture and Civilization of Spain
Latin American Cultures I
Latin American Cultures II
Electives 9
Literature of the Americas
Colonial Latin America
Environmental Spanish
Puerto Rican Culture
Masterpieces of Spanish Literature
Cuban Culture
Exploring Global Engagement Through Language
Sports in Hispanic Countries
Using Artificial Intelligence in Translation
A Tour of Spain's Art Museums
Fantastic & Magic Latin American Stories
The Modern Spanish Short Story
Classics of Spanish-American Literature
History of the Romance Languages
Spanish Caribbean
Fundamentals of Human Language
Introduction to Latin America
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Introductory Spanish for Health Professions
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish for Business
Legal Spanish
Advanced Spanish
Spanish for Health Professions I
Spanish for Health Professions II
Advanced Conversation
Spanish American Literature from the Conquest to 1880
Spanish American Literature from 1880 to Present
Nineteenth-Century Literature of Spain
Spanish Drama and Poetry of the Golden Age
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Students May Count Up to Three Credits From the Following as Elective Credit:
Spanish Film Club
Folklore of the Americas
Food and Culture in the Hispanic World
Environmental Issues in Hispanic Countries
Art in Spain and Latin America
Conversations in Spanish
Total Credits18