Bachelor of Science in Economics

Program Contact: Donn Johnson   203-582-8205

The BS in Economics program teaches students the core theories of economics. Students learn to analyze social and business problems and to examine the proper role of the market and the government in solving these problems. They are able to apply their analytical skills to analyze and interpret economic behavior and forecast political and societal trends. Students have the opportunity to take specialized courses such as Environmental Economics (EC 304), Game Theory (EC 355), Law and Economics (EC 320), Money and Banking (EC 341) and Public Finance (EC 330).  

Besides studying essential economic theories, students also learn to analyze individual markets and assess the impact public policy has on the economy. The Economics major has four tracks allowing students the flexibility to choose their own path through the major. This versatile major makes students attractive to employers and prepares students for a successful career in banking, government, law, the insurance industry and elsewhere. 

Recent economics majors have secured prominent jobs with the Federal Reserve Board, General Electric, Liberty Mutual, Oppenheimer Funds and other industrial and insurance firms.