Accelerated Dual-Degree BS in Economics/MS in Journalism (3+1)

Program Contact: Linda Fisher  203-582-3396

The Accelerated Dual-Degree BS in Economics/MS in Journalism (3+1) program offers highly motivated students an opportunity to earn a BS in Economics from the College of Arts and Sciences and an MS in Journalism from the School of Communications in just 4 years. Both degrees are completed in full without compromise. Students continue to have the ability to study abroad or engage in a program such as QU in DC.

This program offers advantages to students who have a passion for economics and ambitions for a career in journalism. The study of economics develops a student’s critical thinking and analytical skills. The program is designed so that students, in consultation with their adviser, develop areas of inquiry to engage in a deep exploration of current issues. With the foundation of economic coursework, students are equipped with the knowledge and insight that lead to high-quality journalistic work particularly with application to the field of economics.

Examples of jobs that 3+1 students would be uniquely qualified for include: data journalist, economics news reporter, economy reporter, growth and economy reporter, labor and economics reporter, economics writer/editor and economic development reporter. By pairing their passion for journalism with the foundation of economics, students substantially increase their employability and job prospects upon graduation.