Bachelor of Arts in History

Program Contact: David Valone 203-582-5269

As a history major, you take a broad range of courses that introduce you to aspects of history from a wide variety of perspectives and time periods. All history majors must take at least two courses in American history, two courses in European history, and two courses in world history. Students also take a required course in historical writing, and majors take a junior level seminar on historiography that introduces them to the actual production of historical knowledge and the creation of historical narratives and interpretive frameworks. In addition, all history majors have an experiential learning expectation that can be filled through a study abroad experience, an internship in history, or by taking the Introduction to Public History course.  In their senior year, all history students write a senior thesis that gives them a chance to put into practice everything they have learned throughout their work in the major. The remainder of the required 36 credits in history is made up of history electives chosen by students based on their interests in consultation with their adviser. Through a history major at Quinnipiac, you will gain a broad understanding of past events, plus critical thinking skills and writing expertise, all of which will prepare you for a number of careers, from curator of a museum exhibit on Middle Eastern art to grant writer for a large teaching hospital. If you have a talent for languages, you could become an intelligence officer with the FBI, or you can choose to continue your education with a graduate degree in education, law or medicine.

Students normally apply for admission to the major during their sophomore year. Applications must be made to, and approved by, the chairperson. Acceptance is usually approved for all applicants in good standing academically.

Continuation in the major is dependent upon a satisfactory level of performance in all courses, with special reference to work in history. In addition to the CAS requirements, students majoring in history must take 6 credits of European history courses, 6 credits of American history courses, 6 credits of global history courses, four elective courses (300 level or above), and several specified history classes including HS 201HS 303 and HS 408

Note about internships: The department is able to provide student internships with area historical societies and also attempts to place qualified students in credit-related internships with area governmental organizations.