General Membership

It is the policy of Quinnipiac University that there shall be no discrimination in the selection of membership in undergraduate student organizations and in the conduct of their business. This policy further provides that there shall be a nondiscriminatory clause in the constitution of all student organizations. Social fraternities and sororities, however, are permitted to select their membership due to the nature of these organizations. In all cases, except as allowed by law, membership is without regard to race, gender identity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age, marital status, ability or academic major. The Department of Campus Life advises and supports undergraduate student organizations; any and all ancillary advisers may be subject to approval.

Students who are in good standing with Quinnipiac are eligible for membership in undergraduate student organizations. Good standing with Quinnipiac, as it pertains to the Office of Campus Life, is understood to mean that students must:

  • Possess a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA;
  • Adhere to all campus, local, state and federal regulations;
  • Be an active and matriculated student.

Individual undergraduate student organizations may have additional requirements and/or standards as outlined in their governing documents.

Student Leadership Scholarships

Students selected or elected as Student Programming Board presidents, Student Government Association executive officers or managers/editors for student media organizations may hold only one of these positions at any one time.

Students in these positions are expected to maintain the academic, conduct and community standards of the institution. They must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA and remain in good conduct standing with the university. Student leaders who receive a scholarship must not have received their undergraduate degree and must be a full-time student with 12 or more credits each semester in office.

The associate dean of student affairs for campus life shall make the final determination in the case of any question or discrepancy, upon consultation with the vice president and dean of students, in certain situations.

Policy on Grade and Conduct Release

Some organizations, including the Student Government Association, as well as fraternities and sororities, may have academic grade requirements/minimums and student conduct expectations for potential new members, officers, elected members and initiated members. To best assist organizations in upholding these standards, these members accept the following:

Potential new members: Once a student registers for fraternity/sorority recruitment, the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life may examine and disclose Quinnipiac University academic records and/or student conduct standing to the respective governing council and/or its member organizations to determine eligibility for joining a fraternity or sorority.

New and initiated members: Once a student accepts an invitation to membership, grades and/or student conduct standing may be provided to the respective fraternity or sorority, chapter adviser and/or inter/national headquarters each semester, upon request, and/or as the Department of Campus Life deems appropriate. Additionally, their academic progress and student conduct standing is monitored by the Department of Campus Life and/or the respective council to determine academic/student conduct eligibility for leadership positions or various activities sponsored by the governing council(s). For all situations regarding student conduct, only a student’s disciplinary status (probation, etc.) is included in this disclosure, not the information regarding the underlying incident(s).

Student Government Association candidates and elected members: Once a student chooses to run for Student Government Association, the Department of Campus Life may examine Quinnipiac University academic records and student conduct standing to determine eligibility for the role they are seeking. If elected, all members are subject to continued monitoring of both academic records and student conduct standing as it relates to the membership requirements of the organization.