Marketing/Advertising/Privacy Rights

  • Student organizations wishing to promote their group or an event must gain approval from the Office of Campus Life.
    • Quarter sheets, fliers posters and banners can be submitted for approval in the Student Organization Suite (SC-216) or at the Rocky Top Information Desk. A student employee will post the materials on/in the designated bulletin boards/locations. The Office of Residential Life must approve fliers, posters and/or banners to be posted in the residential living area.
    • Quarter sheets will be displayed on tables in the dining hall of the student center they were approved in.
    • Banners may be hung in the Carl Hansen Student Center, 2nd floor railings of the East Dining wing, overlooking the cafe, or in the Rocky Top Student Center, third floor, overlooking the information booth and main entrance. Banners will not be posted in any other area of the student centers.
    • Quarter sheets, fliers, posters and banners must state the name of the sponsoring organization.
    • Approved quarter sheets, fliers, posters and banners will be displayed for two weeks leading up to the event.
    • No more than four fliers or posters may be posted at one time in the Carl Hansen Student Center, and two in the Rocky Top Student Center. Only one banner can be hung in each of the student centers. No more than 75 quarter sheets will be displayed in the Mount Carmel dining hall and 25 in the Rocky Top dining hall.
    • The maximum size for a quarter sheet is 4 inches by 6 inches. The maximum size for a flier or poster is 18 inches by 24 inches. The maximum size for a banner is 6 feet by 4 feet.
    • Organizations must gain approval from the Office of Campus Life to distribute any other type of marketing materials.
  • The Office of Campus Life reserves the right to deny marketing materials/advertising including, but not limited to, those that promote:
    • The use of alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco products.
    • Off-campus housing.
    • Medical studies or medicines of any kind unless approved by Quinnipiac University.
    • Non-Quinnipiac degree and/or certificate programs of study.
    • Violations of any local, state or federal laws, or university policies.
  • The Office of Campus Life may choose to refuse advertising which may be considered libelous, defamatory, obscene, in poor taste, is demonstrably false, or otherwise conflicts with the values of Quinnipiac University.
  • Student organizations wishing to purchase promotional items must adhere to the following process:
    • Before the creation of any type of promotional product or apparel that uses the Quinnipiac name or a university logo, an organization MUST submit a concept of design to the Office of Campus Life for review and approval. Upon approval, the organization may contact a vendor to draft a proof and provide a quote for the items they wish to purchase. (It is the organization’s responsibility to review the proof closely for spelling errors or design flaws). (If the organization is a fraternity or sorority, they can move forward at this point without the assistance of SGA).
    • After the proof is reviewed and approved by the Office of Campus Life, the quote must be sent to the SGA vice president for finance for review. The vice president for finance will confirm that the organization has sufficient funds for the purchase. When the SGA vice president for finance has reviewed and approved the quote, the organization can contact the vendor to process the order.
    • Once the completed items are received, the organization is responsible for reviewing the order to make sure they have all of the items and that the product matches the proof that was provided. 
    • All invoices should be submitted to the SGA vice president for finance for payment.
    • Promotional items purchased by organizations that do not follow this process may be subject to removal from use without reimbursement for associated costs.
  • Requests to market in the Bobcat Bulletin email or on MyQ must be submitted via the Marketing Request form under “Forms” on the Office of Campus Life Do You QU page.
  • Consistent with the university’s obligation to protect students’ privacy rights, student organizations shall not publish or broadcast any stories involving student disciplinary matters, either academic or non-academic, until the matter is fully adjudicated by the university or information is released by the university or information is made publicly available by town/state police.

Do You QU

  • Student organizations are required to update and maintain their Do You QU page on a regular basis.
    • Membership rosters must be reviewed monthly for changes. This includes keeping officer positions up-to-date, confirming new member requests, and moving old members to alumni or inactive status.
    • A current copy of the organization’s constitution must be uploaded to the “Documents” page at all times.
    • All events must be registered through Do You QU for approval.


  • Student organization members are required to respond to requests and/or correspondence from university officials within 48 hours.
  • Student organizations are encouraged to visit the Carl Hansen Student Center, suite 202, call 203-582-8673 or email with any questions.

The Office of Campus Life may review all policies for exceptions, changes or updates at any time and where applicable.