Dual-Degree BS in Health Science Studies/Doctor of Physical Therapy (3+3)

Program Contact: Katherine Harris 203-582-8511

This program is for freshman entry only. Students accepted into the HSS-DPT program as freshmen may complete the Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies in three years. All students must complete 122 university credits to include the required University Curriculum (UC) courses, DPT required courses, and a minor in an area of interest.  Students must achieve a 3.2 cumulative GPA and a 3.2 average for 46 credits of selected math and science courses for admission to the graduate Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. In this fast-paced curriculum, students are expected to enroll in course work during summer terms (two courses per summer) and a J-term (one course in one J-term). Online courses are available for summer and J-term course work.

AP Credits and Course Substitutions

A student who scores a 4 on the AP exam for biology may choose to be awarded credit for BIO 101-BIO 102.

A student who scores a 4 on the AP exam for calculus may choose to be awarded credit for MA 141. If AP credits are awarded and accepted for CHE 110-CHE 111, the student will discuss other sciences to be considered as replacements. 

A student who receives a 4 on the AP exam for biostatistics may choose to be awarded credit for MA 275. No other AP credits in the math and science categories will be accepted for program substitution. AP credits for other non-math and science core curriculum requirements will be accepted.

The Review and Evaluation Committee for the program in physical therapy is responsible for evaluating and screening candidates during the preprofessional and professional graduate components of the program. Requirements for the program in physical therapy were approved in conjunction with the accreditation of the program and are acceptable to the School of Health Sciences and Quinnipiac University administration.

Curriculum for Dual-Degree BS in Health Science Studies/DPT (3+3) for Freshman Entry

A total of 122 credits is required for completion of the BS in Health Science Studies.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterCredits
BIO 101
General Biology I
and General Biology I Lab
CHE 110
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
EN 101 Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing 3
MA Quantitative Literacy 1 3
FYS 101 First-Year Seminar 3
Spring Semester
BIO 102
General Biology II
and General Biology Lab II
CHE 111
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
EN 102 Academic Writing and Research 3
UC Social Sciences elective 2 3
UC Humanities elective 3
Summer Online
Elective 3
Elective 3
Second Year
Fall Semester
BIO 211
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
PHY 110
General Physics I
and General Physics I Lab
MA 275 Biostatistics 3
COM 150 Public Speaking: Principles and Practice 3
UC elective 3
Spring Semester
BIO 212
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
PHY 111
General Physics II
and General Physics II Lab
UC Humanities elective 3
HSC 315
Bioethical Issues in the 21st Century
or Bioethics
QU 420 Integrative Capstone 3
Summer Online
UC Social Science elective (Abnormal Psychology) 3
UC Elective 3
Third Year
Fall Semester
BMS 300
The Physiology of Human Performance I
and The Physiology of Human Performance I Lab
BMS 200 Biology and Experience of Human Aging 3
Elective 3
IC Fine Arts elective 3
Elective 3
Elective (Online) 3
Spring Semester
BMS 301
Physiology of Human Performance II
and Physiology of Human Performance II Lab
AT 440 Biomechanics 3
HSC 262 Nutrition in Health and Illness 3
HSC 214 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
HSC 214L CPR, AED and First Aid 1
HM 404 Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery 3
Summer Online
Elective courses 6
 Total Credits122

The sequencing of course work for the preprofessional track is flexible; however, all requirements in the curriculum must be completed prior to entry into the graduate DPT program.

For information about the graduate portion of the program, please see Post-Bachelor's Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Mission Statement

An education in physical therapy at Quinnipiac University embodies both the university’s commitment to its three core values: high-quality academic programs, a student-oriented environment and a strong sense of community, and the American Physical Therapy Association’s core values: accountability, altruism, compassion/caring, excellence, integrity, professional duty and social responsibility. The program in physical therapy prepares students to become competent and compassionate entry-level physical therapists, who are able to practice in a variety of settings serving diverse populations across the lifespan.

To achieve its mission, the Doctor of Physical Therapy program:

  • cultivates critical and reflective thinking, clinical decision-making, and lifelong learning by utilizing an evidenced-based learning model, authentic assessments and a variety of learning experiences that include interactive technology. This learning model features small lab sizes, hands-on activities, visits to area clinics and opportunities to engage in professional development forums and community interdisciplinary collaboration
  • provides both in-class and in-clinic opportunities for students to engage in the essential elements of patient/client management
  • supports faculty teacher-scholars who are effective teachers and who collectively engage in scholarship, professional development, direct patient care and university and community service


Candidates applying for admission to the physical therapy program from high school are required to have no less than three years of high school college preparatory mathematics (four years are preferred), one year of biology, one year of chemistry and one year of physics. In addition, the scores of the Scholastic Assessment Test or the College Entrance Examination board of the American College Testing program are important considerations. Related health care experience is highly desirable. Prospective candidates also must satisfy general Quinnipiac University Admission Requirements.  

All applications must include two letters of reference, and a personal interview may be required with representatives of the admissions office to discuss program requirements and the applicant’s professional interests and commitments. Applicants must have observation hours in at least two different clinical settings, preferably one in a rehabilitation facility and one in an acute care setting. A minimum of 10 hours in at least two settings (20 hours total) is required.

Applicants should forward to the Undergraduate Admissions Office a signed note from the physical therapist at each setting verifying observation hours. Applications are accepted for admission to the fall semester only. All applications are processed and screened by the vice president and dean for admissions for selection to the program. Reference letters, other correspondence and inquiries relating to an application should be directed to the dean of undergraduate admissions. Admission to Quinnipiac University does not guarantee admission to the professional graduate DPT program in physical therapy, unless officially accepted into the program as a freshman.