Department of Physician Assistant Studies

The physician assistant profession has grown to meet the health care needs of our communities and nation. The Department of Physician Assistant Studies at Quinnipiac University educates qualified individuals to be highly skilled licensed health care providers who practice team-based medicine in collaboration with physicians. The department offers a dual-degree program, which consists of an undergraduate pre-PA program known as the Entry-Level Master’s Physician Assistant (ELMPA) program and the accredited graduate Master of Health Science (MHS) Physician Assistant program.

The ELMPA program provides students who are serious about entering the physician assistant profession with a well-rounded education and a strong focus in biological and health science studies. This very structured and organized undergraduate program not only prepares students for the rigors of the professional component of the program, but also introduces students to the role and responsibilities of physician assistants as well as the six competencies for the physician assistant profession. Upon successful completion of all of the requirements of the ELMPA program, students receive a Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies and directly matriculate into reserved seats in the MHS program.

The graduate MHS Physician Assistant program is a 27-month intensive educational experience that prepares students with the core competencies to be a caring, compassionate, competent, and highly skilled health care provider. The program consists of a total of 15 months didactic and 12 months clinical education. Students are required to meet core professional competencies, standards of professionalism, and mission-driven program requirements prior to graduation from the program. Each graduate cohort is composed of students entering from the ELMPA program as well as external candidates who apply for admissions through the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA).