Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Immunology

Program Contact: Thomas Martin 203-582-3368

Rapid and expanding advances in the field of microbiology and immunology have created a need for employees with expertise in a variety of areas. Our graduates are prepared for exciting careers in the expanding medical, clinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, molecular and health industries. This program also prepares the student for advanced study in specialized graduate science, health and medical programs.

The program offers students a range of classroom, laboratory and independent research experiences. All courses consist of lecture and hands-on laboratories where students perform the most current research techniques. In addition to courses in the sciences, the University Curriculum course offerings prepare students with a broad-based conceptual understanding of science and its role in society.

Included in this program is a two-semester required undergraduate seminar/research experience performed with faculty in research laboratories. This experience allows the student to develop the expertise and experience to be successful in beginning a career or in graduate study. All of our students give formal presentations of their independent research projects. Many have presented the results of research experiences at professional scientific meetings.

Successful third- and fourth-year students may be able to obtain internships or part-time work experiences during the school year and/or summer in government labs and major pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies located in the region. To remain in good standing within the program, the student must maintain a math and science of GPA of 2.25.