Minor in Biomedical Sciences

Program Contact: Thomas Martin 203-582-3368

The Department of Biomedical Sciences offers a minor in biomedical sciences, which provides students with a fundamental knowledge of the theories, principles and advances in these basic sciences. Completing this area of concentration may help students qualify for employment in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; the medical diagnostics industry; university-based biomedical research; and city, state and federal health/research laboratories or to continue their education in graduate/professional school. This concentration helps students develop critical thinking skills and understand and utilize modern research laboratory technologies.

Biomedical Sciences Minor Curriculum

The BMS minor consists of 20–24 credits (six classes), at least two of which must be lab-based, all with a grade of “C" or better. No more than two classes may be transferred in from other institutions. The same course cannot count toward a minor in microbiology and biomedical sciences.

Minor Requirements
BMS 200Biology and Experience of Human Aging3
BMS 213
Microbiology and Pathology
and Microbiology and Pathology Lab
or BMS 370/370L General Microbiology
BMS 276Drug Development3
BMS 278Research and Technology3
BMS 300
The Physiology of Human Performance I
and The Physiology of Human Performance I Lab
BMS 301
Physiology of Human Performance II
and Physiology of Human Performance II Lab
BMS 310Neuroanatomy3
BMS 318Pathophysiology3
BMS 319Public Health: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases3
BMS 320Pharmacology3
BMS 325Toxicology3
BMS 330Endocrinology3
BMS 332Histology4
BMS 372
Pathogenic Microbiology
and Pathogenic Microbiology Lab
BMS 373
and Mycology Lab
BMS 375
and Immunology Lab
BMS 378Vaccines and Vaccine-Preventable Diseases3
BMS 470Virology4
BMS 472Biotechnology4
BMS 473Infections of Leisure3
BMS 474Power of Plagues3
BMS 475Special Topics in Microbiology4
BMS 481Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences I1-4
BMS 482Independent Study in Microbiology (may be taken twice)3-4
BMS 483Independent Study in Microbiology1-4
BMS 498Independent Study in Biomedical Sciences I1-4
BMS 499Independent Study in Biomedical Sciences II1-4
BMS 502Research Methods4
Graduate Courses for the BMS Minor (permission required)
BMS 525Vaccines and Vaccine Preventable Diseases 13
BMS 570Virology 24
BMS 595Transplantation Immunology3