Dual-Degree BS in Biomedical Sciences/MHS Pathologists’ Assistant (4+2)

Program Contact: Thomas Martin 203-582-3368

This unique dual-degree program prepares students for the study of pathology and laboratory medicine with direct exposure to the clinical elements, providing an easy transition to graduate-level study. The BS in Biomedical Sciences grounds students in such subjects as biology, chemistry and microbiology, with a focus on human health and disease and the development of lab skills and research acumen. This positions students for direct entry into our highly competitive, NAACLS-accredited Pathologists’ Assistant program, one of only 13 of its kind in the U.S. and Canada.

The graduate PA program blends the classroom and laboratory dynamic for a collaborative and hands-on learning experience. Students will learn to examine, process and prepare tissue specimens for a variety of clinical tests and procedures, such as light microscopy, biomedical imaging and tumor triage. The 12-month rotation places students in both community and university hospitals, where they will apply their skills in settings for both surgical and autopsy pathology.  Graduates will be positioned for a range of high-demand careers in hospitals, clinical laboratories, research and medical teaching facilities.

Students begin taking PA courses as early as  junior year, not only cutting down time for degree completion and easing the graduate-level course load, but saving costs on graduate education as well. Additionally, as a 4+2 undergraduate, students will still have opportunities to participate in faculty-mentored research, either during the semester as part of an independent study, or over the summer as part of the Quinnipiac Interdisciplinary Program for Research and Scholarship (QUIP-RS).