Online Course Design Certificate

Program Contact:  Ruth Schwartz, 203-582-8419 

The 9-credit graduate certificate in online course design is focused on providing the knowledge and experience needed to develop online courses across a range of disciplines. The sequence of three online graduate-level courses begins with an examination of the instructional design process—using what we know about how people learn to help us design effective educational materials. In the following two courses, students explore best practices of online course design, create a model course, and investigate multimedia project development using a number of tools and resources. Students may substitute other IDN courses with permission of the program director.

As K-12 programs, higher education and corporate training continue to shift online, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can create effective digital education resources. This online certificate program equips students with a deeper understanding of instructional design as well as the skills needed to plan, design and develop a powerful online course. Students with particular interests or goals may petition to customize the course sequence or take more than three courses.

Please note: candidates in the Master of Science in Instructional Design program who are interested in the Certificate in Online Course design must consult with the program director, Ruth Schwartz, for information on requirements for this credential.