Graduate MAT in Elementary Education

Program Contact: Christina Pavlak 203-582-3192

The purpose of Quinnipiac’s graduate Master of Arts in Teaching program is to prepare teacher candidates with perspectives, knowledge and skills to become master educators. The School of Education recognizes that the concept of educator is three-dimensional, and that successful educators must be teachers, learners and leaders. Therefore, graduates of the Master of Arts in Teaching program are teachers who lead all students to learn, learners who continue to learn as they continue to teach, and leaders who influence the culture of their schools in ways that support best practices in teaching and learning.

The program reflects the spirit and mission of Quinnipiac with close attention to the teaching standards for the state of Connecticut and to the standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The three values of “excellence in education, a sensitivity to students, and a spirit of community,” which are the heart of Quinnipiac’s mission statement, are woven throughout the program.

General Information

The Quinnipiac University elementary education curriculum is an intensive five-semester program of study consisting of core certification courses that provide eligibility for teacher certification, advanced coursework in literacy, numeracy and pedagogy to satisfy master’s degree requirements, and a unique internship/residency experience which provides pre-service teacher candidates the opportunity to learn about schools, students and teaching.

The graduate MAT program offers Quinnipiac teacher candidates a Master of Arts in Teaching degree leading to certification through the Connecticut State Department of Education. Consistent with the university’s mission, arts and sciences studies are integrated with professional studies to prepare graduates who have depth and breadth of content knowledge and strong pedagogical skills.


Candidates participate in an internship during the first two semesters of the program. Quinnipiac University has developed collaborative partnerships with school districts throughout central and southern Connecticut to provide graduate candidates with guided, hands-on professional practice and to defray some costs of the program. Candidates in the internship receive a tuition reduction during the internship semesters. (An optional second internship/residency is available during the final two semesters, resulting in significant additional tuition reduction.)

Interns serve in area schools in a variety of capacities and as substitute teachers with guidance from an on-site adviser and from a Quinnipiac faculty member. Each intern has the opportunity to participate in staff meetings and take part in all school operations, becoming a valued member of the school faculty. In the late afternoon and early evening, candidates continue their formal studies on the Quinnipiac campus. During a residency, teacher candidates remain in a single classroom for 10 weeks or more as a co-teacher with a cooperating teacher and a university supervisor providing guidance and support.