Program contact: Kathleen Simione 203-582-8519

The Dual-Degree BS/MS and BA/MS in Accounting (4+1) programs respond to the demand for well-trained certified public accountants. The curriculum takes 5 years and provides a foundation in the principles, concepts and technical practices of accounting, with the Master of Science degree providing advanced skills and accounting theory to support success on the Certified Public Accountant certification exam. The curriculum is designed to help students transition from undergraduate to graduate study to the 150-credit education requirement to sit for the CPA exam. Qualified students from all majors may apply for this program in the spring of their junior year or fall of their senior year.

Dual-degree accounting students have access to the same internship opportunities as the traditional BS, BA and MS program students. They also can take advantage of networking events and career fairs that bring representatives from Big 4 accounting firms and other employers from the public, private and government sectors to campus.

Dual-Degree BS/MSA or BA/MSA (4+1) Program of Study

The MS in Accounting program is designed to prepare candidates to satisfy the 150-credit requirement and to position them for success in the CPA exam. The program will position successful graduates for careers in professional services firms, business corporations, governmental agencies and business consulting firms among others. The program provides students with in-depth accounting knowledge and skills necessary to be successful accounting professionals. Notably, there is a large demand for well-trained accounting professionals in public and private accounting, as well as in government.

MSA Program of Study

Fifth Year (Graduate Study)
Fall Semester
AC 635Advanced Topics in Financial Accounting and Reporting3
AC 645Information Assurance3
AC 650Advanced Accounting Information Systems3
MSA Elective3
MSA Elective3
Spring Semester
AC 660Strategic Management Control Systems3
AC 670Advanced Business Law, Regulation, Ethics and Reporting Environments3
AC 680Advanced Federal Income Taxation and Tax Research3
MSA Elective3
MSA Elective3
Total Credits30

You may refer to the MSA Curriculum page for electives.  

Interested students must apply for admission to the BS/MSA or BA/MSA program during the last semester of their junior year or the first semester of their senior year using a special application form available in the School of Business. Admission requires a cumulative GPA of 3.00 in an accounting major or accounting minor. Students not enrolled as an accounting major or accounting minor must meet with the program director to discuss their candidacy for the program.

Meeting the minimum standards as listed above does not guarantee admission to the program. Students are not admitted officially into the MS in Accounting program until they graduate with their bachelor’s degree and meet all other requirements. Once admitted, students begin full-time study in the MS in Accounting program.