Program Contact: Emre Tokgoz 203-582-7909

Engineering Management Certificate Program aims to help individuals to understand and apply technical management principles to engineering projects by making right decisions at the right time with the associated cost, time and quality considerations. The principles covered in this program would help to gain technical management insight to tackle diverse engineering problems that exist in a dynamic business environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to complete technical projects that require engineering and/or computing knowledge base.
  2. Analyze different financial aspects of projects for determining performance measurements for completion of engineering and/or computing projects.
  3. Apply quality principles on systems to successfully complete engineering and/or computing projects.
  4. Integrate principles of engineering management to complete a team-based real-life Engineering Management project.

Engineering Management

Program of Study

Students pursuing this certificate take a total of three courses (9 credits) as outlined below.

IER 401Introduction to Engineering Management3
IER 402Engineering Quality Management & Decision Making3
Take 1 course from the following list
IER 230Lean Systems Engineering (MER 235)3
IER 280Data Analytics I3
IER 375Statistical Process Control3
MG 302Managing People, Projects and Change3
MG 335Project Management3
MG 360Power and Politics of Leadership3