Dual-Degree BA/MS or BS/MS in Cybersecurity (4+1)

Program Contact: Frederick Scholl 203-582-7394

Quinnipiac students have the rare opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in their field of interest and then continue their education to earn a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. Qualifying students can complete their undergraduate degree in four years and obtain their MS in Cybersecurity after one additional year. Students apply to the MS program in the spring of their junior year. In today’s competitive market, a graduate degree is often the key to success, and there is a higher demand than ever for cybersecurity experts.

Complementary undergraduate programs include: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Computer Information Systems, Business Administration, plus a variety of health science programs. Qualified candidates are automatically admitted to the graduate program upon completion of their undergraduate degree. Students have access to a dedicated adviser who is also the MS in Cybersecurity program director. Special programming and networking opportunities are available through a dedicated career development specialist.

The online MS in Cybersecurity program is the same program offered to graduate-level students. Courses are taught by world-class security experts, and cover concepts and practices in cloud security and software security. Individual 1-credit courses include emphasis on hands-on projects using real-world cybersecurity tools. Students complete a hands-on capstone project using commercial or open source security tools, and will then have the opportunity to become part of a security community, both regionally and nationally.