Program Contact: Brian C. O'Neill 203-582-7449

The Minor in AI is designed to provide students across campus with a basic understanding of the tools and technologies of Artificial Intelligence. The minor will expose them to applications of AI across the curriculum and discuss the implications of AI.

Students will complete a required core of 3 courses covering AI technologies and the Ethics of AI, and then can choose from a variety of electives from programs across campus to complete their requirements. Elective courses can be selected to be thematically related, as desired by student interest.

Minor in Artificial Intelligence

Required courses (9 credits):
CSC 105Computing: Multidisciplinary Approach3
CSC 150Elements of Artificial Intelligence3
PL 255Ethics and Artificial Intelligence3
Take 9 credits from the following:
AR 271Artificial Intelligence and Art3
BAN 420Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Business3
CSC 350Artificial Intelligence3
DS 385Machine Learning3
EC 355Game Theory3
EN 207Interactive Storytelling and Narrative3
GDD 250Interactive Storytelling and Narrative3
HS 292History of Ai in Human Imagination3
MK 321Marketing Analytics3
MSS 240Is AI Taking Over? Disruption, Disinformation, and the Future Of Communication3
PL 103Logical Reasoning3
PL 235Philosophy of Science and Technology3
PL 237Philosophy of Mind3
PS 233Cognitive Psychology3
PS 333Applied Cognition3
STR 210Artificial Intelligence in the Business World: Distruptions, Trends, the Value of Humans3