Center for Teaching and Learning

The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to foster the development of our faculty and staff as members of a community of engaged and effective educator-scholars, committed to excellence in student learning.

The center offers a variety of services for members of the university community:

  • Workshops on a variety of pedagogical topics and innovative teaching strategies.
  • Individual consultation with faculty on effective pedagogy, including department-based consulting.
  • Mentors to engage in collaborative discourse and reflection on course design and instruction.
  • Resources for topics related to teaching and learning including books, journals and consultation.

The Center for Teaching and Learning coordinates with both the Quinnipiac University Writing and Critical Thinking and the Community and Civic Engagement Committee.

Quinnipiac University Writing and Critical Thinking

Quinnipiac University Writing and Critical Thinking (QUWACT) is a multidisciplinary faculty-run organization that supports the use of evidence-based writing practices to improve students’ critical thinking. QUWACT also supports scholarly research on the intersection of writing and critical thinking. The organization works with faculty to promote the following pedagogical principles:

  • Support critical thinking and writing as processes rather than products.
  • Recognize the diversity of methodologies and goals of each discipline, and how this diversity influences critical thinking and writing practices.
  • Use formal and informal writing as active, recursive and powerful processes that can generate and develop critical thinking within and across the disciplines.
  • Improve students’ critical thinking as a way to help them improve the content and form of their writing.