Experiential Learning Certificates

SQUID Certificate Program

SQUID stands for Scholars at Quinnipiac University Integrating Difference. Many students seek out opportunities to learn about people in societies who have been historically underrepresented and underprivileged. This certificate program, offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, is designed to acknowledge the effort students have made to learn about the broad variety of human experience. Students in any undergraduate program who are interested and who complete three SQUID-designated courses of their choice are eligible to achieve a certificate from the College of Arts and Sciences that reflects the commitment they have made to diversify their college curriculum. Applications for the SQUID certificate are accepted in the spring semester as announced. Students should direct questions to CASDeans@qu.edu.

Albert Schweitzer Certificate for Ethics and Responsibility

This certificate program, affiliated with the Albert Schweitzer Institute, enables students to be recognized for their service to others in keeping with the ideals of the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Students earn credit toward this certificate through directed academic engagement and volunteer activities. To earn the certificate, eligible students take pre-approved courses or those that have a service learning designation, and participate in a variety of service-based activities. Examples of these activities include Albert Schweitzer Institute-sponsored programs, an alternative spring break, a semester-long internship program with a service organization on or off campus, or a leadership role in a campus organization or off-campus non-governmental organization. Given the strong interest by potential employees, graduate schools and professional schools in ethical leadership and service to others, this program is structured to help a student easily demonstrate his or her dedication to these important values.

Service Learning Certificate

Interested students who meet the requirements are eligible to receive a certificate from the Committee for Service and Service Learning. This certificate reflects the commitment the student has made to experiential and service learning opportunities in designated service learning courses. To earn a Service Learning Certificate, students must successfully complete (with a grade of C or better) three or more service learning (SL) designated courses at Quinnipiac or two Service Learning designated courses along with a service experience or service trip with a reflection component. An application form can be downloaded from the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement web page. The SL designation helps students identify service learning courses to plan and prepare for registration. Each student who applies and completes the requirements of a Service Learning Certificate receives their certificate at an end-of-the-year celebration.