Honors Program

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program has been developed to foster the needs and interests of our most academically talented and committed students. The program creates a strong internal sense of community that is founded on core values of intellectual curiosity, academic leadership, and service.

Honors students participate in small seminar courses with instructors dedicated to working cooperatively to mold a unique learning environment. This student-centered approach supports increasingly independent learning and also engages students in the larger campus as well as regional, national and world communities.

Honors students also participate in and contribute to campus culture through lectures, book discussions and unique events that enhance the distinctive learning opportunities available in the university environment. Quinnipiac honors students have access to a special space on campus—the honors student lounge, which includes a small collection of books, informal seating, coffee and a kitchen that facilitates studying, conversation and honors committee meetings. In addition, honors students have the opportunity for off-campus learning experiences in nearby areas such as Boston, New Haven and New York City.

Honors students take a minimum of 8 honors level courses and experiences designated at the honors level as part of their existing University Curriculum or major courses; the program does not add additional credit requirements to the students’ major work, and preserves freedom to pursue electives and minors. Students in the Honors Program need to maintain a GPA of 3.3 or higher.

Each year, the honors program welcomes incoming first-year students with strong academic records and extensive intellectual curiosity. Entry to the program is by application. Students who have received their acceptance to Quinnipiac may apply for admission to the honors program in February and will learn of their status before May 1. Students also may apply after the March 1st deadline and, if accepted, will be admitted on a wait-list basis. Interested students may inquire with the director or the admissions office at any time during the admissions process and into the summer. After their first or second semester, students with strong records of achievement and a demonstrated desire to share their intellectual curiosity and engagement with others may apply to join the program.

For details please see the Quinnipiac Honors Program webpage.