Center for Interprofessional Healthcare Education

The Center for Interprofessional Healthcare Education at Quinnipiac University strives to achieve the university’s three core values: high-quality academic programs, a student-oriented environment and a strong sense of community in the development of health care professionals who work collaboratively to provide evidence-based and coordinated patient or client-centered health care. The mission of this center is to develop, promote and measure the effectiveness of interprofessional learning opportunities for faculty and students that lead to effective team-based practice.

Interprofessionalism is a process by which two or more professionals work collaboratively to critically examine issues in health care education and practice. The overarching purpose of the center is to develop opportunities for faculty, students and community partners to learn together to promote team practice that meets the challenges of future health care systems. The center provides support for educational opportunities in three areas. The first focus is on a program that allows students to earn graduation transcript designation of Distinction in Interprofessional Healthcare. This is a 70-hour co-curricular program where students from different disciplines learn with-by-from each other to address health care issues to improve the patient or client experience and reduce health care costs. The second focus is to develop learning opportunities for faculty and students within the curriculum such as case studies and experiential learning. Finally, the center supports interprofessional practice opportunities between the university and community health care partners.