Accelerated Dual-Degree BS/MHS in Advanced Medical Imaging and Leadership (3+1)

Program Contact: Alicia Giaimo 203-582-3814 or Paula DeMaio 203-582-7973

The Accelerated Dual-Degree program consists of two distinct degrees: the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences and the Master of Health Science in Advanced Medical Imaging and Leadership.

The Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences is a three-year accelerated degree. The mission of the Radiologic Sciences program at Quinnipiac University is to develop students’ technical and interpersonal communication skills through a logical, organized and rigorous sequence of didactic, laboratory and clinical experiences. The program offers multiple clinical assignments to provide maximum exposure to diversified radiographic procedures and imaging protocols. In addition, the program prepares graduates competent in the art and science of radiography.

Graduates of the program will meet the needs of the community as efficient and highly qualified professionals. The program prepares students, upon successful completion of all didactic and clinical work, to move on to advanced study in the Advanced Medical Imaging and Leadership program. 

The Advanced Medical Imaging and Leadership program is an interprofessional program. The integrated curriculum features core business discipline courses, guided health management courses, and advanced imaging modalities in three distinct pathways: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and women’s imaging (WI). Graduates of the MHS-AMIL program will be prepared to become advanced imaging professionals possessing the foundational education necessary for future entry-level leadership and managerial roles within their respective radiology health care organizations.