Policy Statement on Overnight Visitors and Guests

Residential students are welcome to invite guests and visitors into their rooms. To ensure the safety of community members and property, students must comply with the following policy pertaining to visitors and guests.



A visitor is defined as any non-Quinnipiac person who chooses to visit a residential student. Overnight visitors must be registered, must carry their university visitor pass, must carry their state-issued photo identification and remain with their student host while on Quinnipiac property at all times. Visitors who stay on campus past 10 p.m. are considered overnight visitors.


A guest is defined as another Quinnipiac student or registered visitor who is present in, but not a resident of a particular living unit. Non-residential students in the residential areas are considered guests.

Visitor Registration, Limits and Requirements

Visitors must be registered through the Quinnipiac University website. Students may register one overnight visitor. First-year students may register visitors beginning the third week of classes. Seniors in Senior-Year Experience housing may register two visitors. Overnight visitors must be 17 years old, unless on visit sponsored by the university.

Non-Quinnipiac students who do not have the appropriate visitor pass are removed from the campus immediately. Students who host unregistered visitors are in violation of this policy. Non-residential students may not register visitors for residential housing and are subject to length of stay requirements.

Visitor Passes and Identification

Visitors must have their visitor pass and a photo identification on their person at all times. Also, visitors must be with their registered host at all times while on Quinnipiac University property.

Visitor Behavior

Students hosting visitors must accompany them and are responsible for their behavior at all times. Students are held accountable for any disturbance and/or damage their visitors may cause. Visitors who cause a disruption or are in any way not compliant with this policy may be permanently banned from university property and subject to arrest for trespassing should they return.

Occupancy Stay Limitations

The maximum number of people permitted to occupy any individual room, suite or apartment at any one time may not exceed twice the number of residents of that living unit at any one time, except where designated in certain Senior-Year Experience housing areas.

Overnight Visitors

Overnight visitors or guests must have the approval of all residents in a given living unit. All students and their guest/visitors must adhere to the Roommates Bill of Rights.

A guest or visitor may not spend more than three consecutive nights. Residential students are permitted 21 visitation nights per semester. Visitors cannot be registered with consecutive different hosts as a means of cohabitation in the Residence Halls. Visitors found to be cohabitating in a residence hall will be removed immediately and may be permanently banned from university property.

Visitor Parking

Visitors must park in lots designated by the Department of Public Safety as open to visitors. Any visitor who fails to comply with Public Safety may have their vehicle towed.

Sanctions for Noncompliance

Students who violate this policy will be assessed a $100 fine and additional Student Conduct sanctions as appropriate.