Social fraternities and sororities exist at Quinnipiac University as recognized student organizations and are expected to uphold all policies and procedures for recognized student organizations except where explicitly stated. Quinnipiac University reserves the right to address, through the Student Code of Conduct or Student Organization Conduct processes, behavior or incidents by individuals or organizations which occur on or off campus that violate policies, procedures, expectations or requirements, or that may endanger the health, safety and welfare of others and/or adversely affect the university and/or the pursuit of its objectives.

Policy on Risk Management

The Quinnipiac University Student Organization Risk Management Policy exists to encourage safety and provide risk management standards for all student organizations including fraternities, sororities and governing councils. This policy addresses alcohol and drugs; hazing; discrimination, harassment and abuse; and fire, health and safety.

Policy on Extension of Membership, Education Process and Initiation

Fraternities and sororities, whether existing or new, may only extend invitations for membership (sometimes called "bids") during the academic year when fall or spring semester classes are in session. All new member activities, events or programs cannot exceed eight weeks and must take place during the academic year when fall or spring semester classes are in session. Additionally, chapters must initiate new members within the same semester that the invitation/bid was extended and accepted. Exceptions are made for initiation in the next semester only where explicitly stated in inter/national governing documents or with a letter from the inter/national organization. Even in these cases, the entire new member education process must be completed before the semester membership is offered and accepted.

Policy on Recognition Requirements

To maintain good standing as a fraternity or sorority at Quinnipiac University, in addition to any requirements for recognized student organizations, all new chapters and existing chapters must:

  • Earn, or exceed, required points on the chapter SCORE Card program each semester
  • Maintain at least 5 active undergraduate members at all times, except when granted written approval from the Department of Campus Life
  • Maintain a current roster on file with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life that includes first, middle and last name; date/semester joined; and officer/leadership positions for all members of the organization at all times
  • Notify the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life when any member of the organization is added, removed, drops from the new member process, becomes an initiated member, becomes inactive, transfers out of QU, resigns membership or takes early alumni/ae status within the amount of time specified at their accreditation level, not to exceed 5 business days, using the Change of Membership Form located on Do You QU
  • Notify the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life via email of any changes in officer positions within 2 days of a change
  • Submit New Member/Intake programs to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life by the first day of classes each semester (including written approval by an inter/national headquarters approved chapter adviser)
  • Affiliate and maintain membership as a full or associate member of an existing governing council within one semester of university recognition and meet any requirements and expectations set forth by the respective governing council
  • Attend activities, events and meetings as required by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Policy on Expansion/Extension

Fraternities and sororities, like any student organization at Quinnipiac University, may not be present or assemble without written approval from the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. Students or organizations interested in starting a new chapter or reopening a previously recognized chapter at Quinnipiac University must meet the following requirements and criteria to be considered for recognition:

  • Organization must be an inter/national social fraternity or sorority (not academic or honorary) and have a valid insurance policy that is accessible upon request.
    • Local fraternities or sororities are not permitted at Quinnipiac University.
  • Organization must be a member of/affiliated with a national umbrella organization such as NIC, NPC, NMGC, NALFO, NAPA, NPHC, etc.
    • Fraternities and sororities not holding membership in or affiliated with one of these organizations may be considered at the discretion of the Department of Campus Life.
  • Quinnipiac strongly encourages organizations to charter Quinnipiac-only chapters when possible.
    • Quinnipiac University may recognize citywide or metropolitan chapters by written permission from the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

If all aforementioned qualifications are met, students or organizations should contact the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life to discuss the process and state of the community, and provide, in full, all information requested below to for review.

  • General information about the organization
  • Clear information on how the organization would benefit the greater Quinnipiac University and fraternity/sorority communities through directly supporting and aligning with the Quinnipiac University Strategic Plan.
  • All inter/national standards, policies and member expectations
  • Overview of initial recruitment/intake process including support provided for establishing chapters
  • Chartering requirements
  • New member education/membership education program
  • Written agreement with all terms, policies and procedures of Quinnipiac University and the Quinnipiac University Student Handbook

All student interest groups and/or inter/national organizations must adhere to and participate in any expansion/extension process as required by the respective fraternity or sorority governing council, where applicable, or the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. These requirements may be adjusted at any point to ensure that requested information aligns with university mission and vision, as well as fraternity and sorority community needs. The Department of Campus Life and Office of Fraternity and & Sorority Life reserve the right to deny or approve any potential new organization, for any reason, at any time throughout the expansion process.