Recognized student organizations may choose to refuse advertising that can be considered libelous, defamatory, obscene, in poor taste, is demonstrably false, or otherwise conflicts with the values of the Quinnipiac University community. Advertising that promotes the use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products, off-campus housing, non-Quinnipiac degree programs, or violations of any local, state or federal laws or university policies is prohibited. The Office of Campus Life, in collaboration with the dean of students office, reserves the right to prohibit at its discretion any individual or category of advertising in any recognized student organization’s media materials.

Student Privacy Rights

Consistent with the university’s obligation to protect students’ privacy rights, recognized student organizations shall not publish or broadcast any stories involving student disciplinary matters, either academic or non-academic, until the matter is fully adjudicated by the university or information is released by the university or information is made publicly available by town/state police.