It is the policy of Quinnipiac to provide a reasonably quiet environment not only for its student body, faculty and staff but for the surrounding neighborhood as well. In an effort to maintain this policy, Quinnipiac’s Department of Public Safety and Office of Residential Life will, as a standard practice, monitor noise levels, which may be excessive or offensive to the Quinnipiac community or to our neighbors. It is the responsibility of Public Safety and the Residential Life staff member on duty to maintain and enforce this policy on an ongoing basis.

When, because of location or other circumstances, it becomes necessary for our neighbors to report inappropriate noise to Quinnipiac, immediate action will be taken to quiet the situation. Students in violation of this policy will be referred to the Quinnipiac student conduct process. Finally, a follow-up notification will be issued to the complainant(s), informing them of the resolution.

The Neighborhood Association has been made aware of the accepted procedure of calling in a complaint to the public safety department (203-582-6200) explaining the nature and general location of the noise. However, it is our goal and indeed the policy of Quinnipiac to aggressively identify and quiet any noisy situation before others feel a need to complain. Quinnipiac is aware of our responsibility as an institution and valued neighbor to maintain order and decorum. Therefore, every effort will be made to ensure the policy is diligently followed.