At Quinnipiac University, we believe excellence is inclusive and built upon equity, so all groups feel welcome to fully participate in and contribute to our mission.

Achieving this level of excellence requires creating a sense of belonging for all individuals—especially historically marginalized members of society—by affirming the worth, dignity, legitimacy and equality of everyone in the Quinnipiac community and beyond, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, national origin, political viewpoints, veteran status or socio-economic background.

Our university-wide culture is not built on any single program, initiative or action. Rather, it blossoms when guided by heartfelt care for the well-being of fellow community members. This is what inclusive excellence looks like at Quinnipiac:

  • We bring our “whole selves” to our work and study, which means we bring our hearts as well as our minds.
  • We stand for the quest for knowledge, encourage vigorous exchange of ideas, and foster honest, courageous conversations about sometimes uncomfortable subjects.
  • We aim to always think and act with kindness to create a safe, respectful environment for these dialogues, with particular sensitivity to fellow community members’ individual or collective experiences.

Reasoned, academic and rigorous debate requires us to hear viewpoints with which we may disagree. However, those disagreements must not question the worth, dignity, legitimacy and equality of our fellow community members.

We affirm our belief in the ideals of inclusive excellence as a way to continue nurturing Quinnipiac as a university full of people who care deeply about each other and the communities around us.