Minor in Media Studies

Program Contact: Nancy Worthington 203-582-8059

Media outlets have the power to influence the government, society and the business world. News stories can shape perceptions and public opinion in profound ways. This program examines how the media landscape has evolved over time and addresses the industry’s need to continually adapt to new technology to remain relevant and effective. You’ll learn to spot trends and analyze consumer behavior in ways that complement your major in fields such as political science, advertising, marketing and business.

The program is flexible and can be adapted to match your interests and career goals. You will take several required courses focused around media industries and trends, then choose from a diverse range of communications electives. Plus, you’ll have access to our Ed McMahon Communications Center—an all-digital media production environment where students create sophisticated broadcast-quality video content and programming, as well as high-tech multimedia productions for web and mobile.

Students wishing to minor in media studies must complete 18 credits.