Department of Interactive Media and Design

Interaction design involves the careful study of how people interact with products, systems and services, and how to make those experiences more usable, meaningful and persuasive. While immersed in practicing the multi-phase design process, students become skilled in typography, storytelling, sketching, prototyping and delivering design solutions that include printed matter, motion graphics, websites and mobile applications.
Each student in the program has the opportunity to specialize and distinguish his or her experience and portfolio through internships, study abroad, the Quinnipiac in LA program, a complementary minor and a range of other experiential workshops and activities offered throughout the year.
The need for interaction designers continues to increase across all industries. Our students are highly sought after for their cutting-edge skill set—demand exceeds supply. Our capstone course prepares the students for entry into the workforce and culminates in a formal portfolio review conducted by industry professionals. Our graduates leave the program with the ability to discuss their work and process while prepared to meet any design challenge.