Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television and Media Arts

Program Contact:  Frederick Staudmyer  203-582-6554

Students in the Film, Television and Media Arts program explore sequentially all dimensions of visual and audio storytelling beginning with the historical, cultural, business and professional contexts within which their own work will develop. They learn to conceive and organize ideas clearly and forcefully through writing and to shape those ideas for expression through image and sound. After mastering a full spectrum of basic techniques, students are immersed in the complex grammar of image and sound editing and the challenging artistry of lighting for both single and multi-camera environments. Mastering the acquisition, composition and manipulation of moving images and sound, they are expected to create and execute compelling stories—factual or fictional—for current and developing distribution platforms.

Graduates of the Film, Television and Media Arts programs are well positioned to pursue careers in the creation and distribution of a broad range of digital material for all current and emerging media platforms. They are prepared to work for corporate, entertainment and not-for-profit institutions engaged in delivering entertainment and information programming to audiences around the world and have a firm foundation to pursue graduate (MA or MFA) work.

Programs of Study

The standard degree in Film, Television and Media Arts is the 45-credit bachelor of arts. Students enrolled in the BA in Film, Television and Media Arts are required to complete a minor (typically 18 credits) that will complement their career and/or personal interests. This minor can be from any program either inside or outside the School of Communications. However, a student majoring in Film, Television and Media Arts may not minor in film and television.