Program Contact: Laurie Seeger 203-582-3882

The Entry-Level Master's Physician Assistant (ELMPA) is a dual-degree program that offers the qualified pre-physician assistant students an opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Health Science Studies and a Master of Health Science in the Physician Assistant program at Quinnipiac University. The program is divided into a four-year preprofessional component and a 27-month professional component. To progress to the professional phase, all ELMPA courses and program requirements must be completed within four years. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Entry-Level Master’s Physician Assistant program, students will demonstrate the following competencies:  

Goal: Students will have a strong foundation in sciences and the healthcare system preparing them for the rigors of the graduate PA program.

  1. Core Science Knowledge: Demonstrate a knowledge of core sciences.
  2. Interprofessional Health Care: Understand the roles and shared values of various healthcare professionals. 

Goal: Students will become advocates of professional responsibility.

  1. Professionalism: Demonstrate the attributes of a high-quality professional.
  2. Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Possess the ability to safely and effectively communicate with various populations.
  3. Community Service: Engage all students in active and ongoing community outreach. 
  4. Leadership: Support a culture of leadership in the university and the community.

Preprofessional Component

The mission of the Quinnipiac University Entry-Level Master’s Physician Assistant (ELMPA) program is to begin the education and preparation of master’s-level physician assistants who practice medicine with physicians and other members of the healthcare team. The program has been designed to benefit from faculty expertise in both the graduate and undergraduate divisions as well as practitioners from a variety of clinical settings and specialties. These collaborative strategies are intended to prepare graduates to enter the physician assistant profession and ultimately become outstanding healthcare providers.

Admission to the Program

Candidates applying for admission to the Dual-Degree BS in Health Science Studies/MHS Physician Assistant program must have: a minimum of three years of high school mathematics including geometry, algebra and precalculus; and four years of science—physics, anatomy and physiology, AP biology and advanced chemistry are some of the suggested courses. In addition, advanced electives in the biological sciences are recommended. Related healthcare experience and shadowing is highly desirable.

Prospective candidates must also satisfy the admission requirements of Quinnipiac. Transfer students are not admitted to the entry-level master’s physician assistant program. Admission into the preprofessional component of the program does not guarantee admission into the professional component of the program, unless all requirements are met.

Technical Standards

All students entering the MHS Physician Assistant program at Quinnipiac University must be able to meet the established abilities and expectations of the graduate PA program technical standards, which can be found on the program’s website. Upon admission to the ELMPA program, students are required to review and verify that they understand the technical standards requirement. Prior to participation in the preclinical experiences, the student’s primary care provider must verify, based on a complete history and physical examination, that the student meets the technical standards of the graduate PA program. In the event that a student is unable to fulfill these technical standards, the student may not be able to participate in preclinical affiliations and may not be able to progress to the graduate PA program.

Background Checks/Drug Screens

Students should be aware that certain preclinical sites may require a criminal background check and/or urine drug screen before a student is placed in the clinic or intern site. The university has procedures to assist students in obtaining these requirements. The cost of the background check and drug screen is the responsibility of each individual student. All students are required to have a new or updated background check upon progression to the MHS Physician Assistant program.