Program Contact: Susan Norkus (203-582-3382)

By pursing our Minor in Sports Medicine program, you’ll develop a comprehensive perspective on the clinical application of prevention and treatment for medical and musculoskeletal conditions within the realm of sports medicine. Courses will allow you to develop the early thought processes and disciplinary content for careers in sports physical therapy, athletic training, orthopedic medicine, sports orthopedics, biomechanics or exercise physiology. This minor serves as an excellent on-ramp to numerous healthcare career pathways, particularly those involving physically active populations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Synthesize and apply knowledge of the science of common sports medicine conditions

  2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of pathophysiology of medical conditions in sports medicine

  3. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of return-to-play guidelines for medical conditions in sports medicine

  4. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions, including prevention and treatment

  5. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of return-to-play guidelines for musculoskeletal conditions in sports medicine

The Sports Medicine minor consists of 6 credits of required courses and 12 credits of electives.

Required Courses (6 credits)6
HSC 218Introduction to Sports Medicine3
HSC 214Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
Elective Courses (choose 12 credits)12
FLW 133Food As Medicine1
HSC 212Mental Health and Psychological First Aid1
HSC 280Adaptive Recreation and Sports2
HSC 290Introduction to Kinesiology3
HSC 303Nutrition for Sports & Fitness3
HSC 307Emergencies in Sport & Physical Activity3
HSC 326Therapeutic Exercise3
HSC 334Clinical Skills Patient Communication1
HSC 351Pharmacological Interventions for Common Medical Conditions3
HSC 388EMT I Training2
HSC 388LEMT I Training Lab1
HSC 389EMT Training II2
HSC 389LEMT Training II Lab1
HSC 405Biomechanics3