Interim Conduct Suspensions

Quinnipiac recognizes that its philosophy is linked with the protection of its students, faculty, staff and property. The vice president and dean of students or a designee has the authority to immediately suspend from the university or residential housing any student who is a threat to self or others or who, due to the severity of the underlying incident, may be subject to a separation from residential housing or the university. Students placed on an interim conduct suspension from the university are not permitted on university-owned, operated or leased property.

No Contact Orders

The No Contact Order is a written directive on behalf of the university halting communication between current students during the course of an investigation or following the outcome of an investigation. The No Contact Order includes any contact or communication including, but not limited to, in-person communication, physical contact (with person or property), telephone calls, voicemail, text and email messages, and all electronic communications including social media, letters, parcels and notes. The No Contact Order applies to any communication facilitated via third party. Failure to comply with the directive may result in a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Students will be notified if there is a change of status in the No Contact Order.

Other Interim Measures

Other interim measures may be implemented depending on the circumstances of each unique incident or report. 

Examination and Vacation Periods

During examination, vacation and other periods, conduct meetings may occur as necessary. A conduct meeting may be called during these times if deemed necessary by the university.

Proximity to Graduation

Exceptions may be granted only if a serious incident occurs within three weeks of the final semester of any graduating student. Under such circumstances, the CXO and vice president and dean of students may or may not allow a student to complete their coursework for credit if such arrangement can be practicably accomplished without the student returning to campus and if such an accommodation is merited, in their sole discretion, based on circumstances on a case-by-case basis. An expelled student may not participate in graduation exercises or return to campus or the university for additional coursework and, except for the possibility of a student in their last three weeks of school, an expelled student will not receive a Quinnipiac diploma.