Making Yourself at Home

Your residence hall is your home during your stay on campus. Quinnipiac supplies your room with a bed, dresser/wardrobe, desk and chair. To make yourself comfortable, you should bring extra-long twin sheets, pillow, curtains, towels, blankets, lamp, light bulbs and, if desired, rugs and extra furnishings. All university-supplied furniture must remain in the living unit. All common building furniture, including lounge, suite and apartment furniture, must remain in the respective common areas.

Most residence areas are equipped with a variety of vending machines (water, juice, soda, candy). Washers and dryers are provided in each residence area. Apartment-style housing units are equipped with kitchens. Study lounges are located in Irma, Dana, the Complex, the Commons, the Ledges, the Crescent, Westview and Eastview.

Eligibility to Reside on Campus 

To be eligible for university housing, individuals must be full-time matriculating students, at least 17 years old, who are in good academic, student conduct and financial standing with the university and have paid their housing reservation fee according to established policies.

Three-Year Housing Requirement and Exception Process

Quinnipiac University wants students to engage in the full experience of living on campus to maximize their personal and professional development. As part of that experience, all full-time undergraduate students enrolling in the fall or spring are required to live in QU housing for their first three years (until the end of their sixth academic semester, not including summer or winter terms).

Registration as a full-time student at the university during any fall or spring academic term constitutes acceptance of the housing requirement and will result in a housing assignment and charge, unless the student has requested and been approved for release from the housing requirement by the Office of Residential Life.

We want to make a Quinnipiac experience accessible to all students and will be considerate of individual circumstances as it relates to this housing requirement. Requests for release from the housing requirement will be considered in limited circumstances such as the following:

  • Students who are married (including civil union or domestic partnership)
  • Students who have dependents
  • Students who are 24 years of age or older, as of September 1 of the academic year
  • Veterans
  • Students who are participating in a university-approved academic experience, such as study abroad
  • Documented hardship/family health condition
  • Students who live within a 25-mile drive of campus at their permanent legal residence (home address) with a parent, legal guardian or sibling or will be living with an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, sibling) who is over the age of 25 at their permanent legal address

Please know, the university reserves unfettered right to make changes to this approach at any time based on world issues. 

Statement of Responsibility

Each student is required to agree to the Quinnipiac University Statement of Responsibility at the time they move into the residence hall. Incorporated into the housing contract, this document explains the expectations and responsibilities of the condition of their living unit.

Residence hall rooms are inspected for damage prior to opening at the beginning of the fall semester. If a student finds damage in the room at opening, the student must contact residence hall staff by the end of the second week of classes. It is the responsibility of the student to report damage in the beginning of the year as well as damage that occurs throughout the year.

Work Request Systems

Quinnipiac students have access to both an online Facilities Work Request System and a Computer Help Desk Work Request System through the MyQ portal. If you experience a problem with your computer, room phone, cable or Internet connection, you should submit a work request through the Computer Help Desk MyQ page and a professional from that department will address your concerns. If you are having a problem with something in your room (i.e., the light bulb has burnt out), you can submit a work request through MyQ. Work requests are handled as quickly as possible, usually within 24–48 hours. The Facilities Work Request form is available under Quick Links on MyQ. Work requests for laundry rooms are submitted directly to the laundry vendor except in certain off-campus properties.

QCard and Key Procedures

Students use their QCard to gain access to their hall and room. Students’ QCards are activated at the start of the academic year and remain active when the residence halls are officially open. Students should be aware that their cards will not be active to access their hall or room during vacation/break periods. If you lose your QCard, you must go to the QCard Office, located at the Technology Support Help Desk in the library, during business hours to obtain a new QCard. Students will be charged the current fee for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards or keys. Students must carry their QCard with them at all times.


In the event you find yourself locked out of your building or room, contact the Office of Residential Life. After hours, you should contact the RA in central duty on your appropriate campus:

Mount Carmel Campus: 203-582-8622

York Hill Campus: 203-582-8291

Each resident student will be permitted two lockouts per academic year. The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to charge $25 for each additional lockout.


One of the most important experiences you have in college involves your relationship with your roommate(s). Incoming students can select one roommate when signing up for housing or they will be matched with a roommate according to the information provided in a lifestyle survey. Returning sophomores, juniors, and seniors have the opportunity to choose their own roommate(s). All first-year residents will be required to complete a room and/or suite contract within the first three weeks of the fall semester. Successful group living is built upon mutual respect and respect for the rights of the individual. Disruptions among roommates are handled by the residential life staff and may result in student conduct action or a new room assignment. These decisions are made at the discretion of the director of residential life or designee.

Room Selection

Room selection is done through a lottery process in the spring semester (fall semester for rising juniors and seniors). Information and materials regarding this process will be distributed to all resident students in advance. Students participating in the process must have paid their housing reservation fee and complete the housing contract on time to return to the residence halls. Students studying abroad for a semester are eligible to live in housing upon their return. Residential Life cannot hold a room during the fall semester or reserve a space for an entire year.

Room Change Procedure

Students are permitted to change rooms on a space-available basis. Prior to any room changes, students need to meet with their resident assistant and residence hall director. A member of the Residential Life staff will assist with the next appropriate steps. Students will be encouraged to talk to roommates first regarding minor conflicts. The university reserves the right to fill any vacancies that occur in student rooms. Students changing rooms should go to the Office of Residential Life to have their QCard access changed.

Vacant Spaces

Students must ensure that vacant spaces in their assigned room are clean and ready for new residents. Once a student is assigned to a vacancy, they may begin moving within a few hours. It is imperative that available spaces are in move-in condition. Move-in condition means that the furniture is in its original configuration. Available beds, wardrobes, desks and chairs must be free of any belongings, and in suites or apartments, located in their assigned bedrooms.

If a student visits your room or contacts you about moving into a vacancy in your room, it is expected that you will be welcoming and kind. Unless you are assigned to a designated single room, any vacancies can be filled by the Office of Residential Life at any time.

Medical Accommodations

Students who request housing accommodations must complete a housing accommodations form that is available online on MyHousing. Individual student requests will be reviewed by staff members in the Office of Student Accessibility. Questions may be directed to the office at 203-582-7600. New students requesting accommodations must complete paperwork by May 1; returning students need to submit paperwork by March 1.

Residence Area Closing

The residential areas shut down over vacation and recess periods. With the exception of those who are approved to remain on campus, students must vacate the residential areas. All unauthorized students who do not vacate the residential areas by the designated time are subject to immediate removal, possible fine and disciplinary action. The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to charge students who arrive early or stay late during break periods.