The QCard Office is responsible for the QCard and its associated accounts and applications. As your official university ID, the QCard is your passport to life at Quinnipiac. You’ll use it for everything from checking out books from the library to getting through the door at the recreation center.

As a form of payment, you’ll use your QCard to grab bagels in the morning at the cafeteria, to pay for laundry machines and to catch awesome on-campus concerts. The area’s most popular off-campus businesses now accept the QCard. Textbooks, school supplies, groceries, restaurants, haircuts and other essential student services are all available through your QCard. Other features include:

  • Convenient: Forget about carrying cash, checks or credit cards.
  • Fast: With exact change every time, the QCard is even faster than cash!
  • Safe: Your QCard lost or stolen? Simply notify us or visit the QCard MyQ page to suspend activity on your QCard.
  • Quinnipiac Spirit: Your QCard shows off the Quinnipiac name with pride.

Visit for all your QCard needs including a complete listing of terms and conditions, and for locations where you can use your QCard.