Minor in Journalism

Program Contact: Molly Yanity 203-582-5031

News media continue to evolve as the trends, tools and technologies of the digital age bring vast quantities of information to new generations of audiences. The journalism minor teaches you to harness these technologies, and to apply techniques of news gathering, interviewing and story creation. Courses expose you to the many elements of multimedia production, and develop the skills necessary to produce timely and informative content for traditional print, television, radio and digital formats.

The minor focuses on the production of quality journalistic content as well as becoming a more sophisticated consumer of it. You’ll gain an understanding of the professional ethics underpinning news reporting, as well as the importance of journalism to the first amendment and the vital role it plays in a free society. A refined voice, strong storytelling capability and a sharp editorial eye are beneficial to PR specialists, advertisers, publishers and a range of other professions in the communications fields and beyond.

Students wishing to minor in journalism must complete 18 credits.