For a graduate student group to become a recognized organization, the Office of Graduate Student Affairs must formally approve it.

The following parameters must be met to gain approval:

  • The proposed organization must be unique from current recognized student groups.
  • At least five graduate or undergraduate students are required to start the organization.
  • Members must secure a faculty/staff member to serve as the organization’s adviser.
  • The purpose or actions of the club cannot contradict university, state and/or federal policies and laws.
  • Organizations will not be recognized if there is a predetermined amount of liability and risk associated with club activities.
  • Proposed club membership cannot be limited by race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age or physical limitation.
  • Founding members should be in good standing per the Eligibility Requirements for Involvement.
  • Quinnipiac University will not recognize any clubs that involve gambling or club sports.
  • The proposed organization must provide meaningful opportunities to enhance and develop leadership skills in members.

If the parameters are met, the organization seeking recognition must provide the dean for graduate student affairs or designee the following items:

  • a constitution/by-law for the organization
  • a list of leadership for the organization
  • a list of at minimum five graduate and undergraduate students interested in being members of the organization
  • a proposed budget for the academic year for the organization

Once all the items are received from the graduate student organization, the dean for graduate student affairs or designee will review the documents and decide whether the organization is able to become recognized. If a student organization becomes recognized, but then becomes inactive for a period of one year, the group will have to submit all aforementioned documents to the dean for graduate student affairs or designee again to be recognized and re-activated.