In the Arnold Bernhard Library, the Cyber Cafe (second floor), reference and circulation areas are publicly accessible 24 hours a day and available to all students. This facility consists of networked Windows-based computers and high-volume printers, which can be used for completing computer assignments, writing papers and accessing the Quinnipiac electronic system. There are additional computer labs throughout the Mount Carmel and North Haven Campuses as well as Zoom-based (video conferencing) meeting rooms.

There are 24 publicly accessible MFDs (multi-function devices) throughout all three Quinnipiac campuses. MFDs provide printing, copying and scanning features to all faculty, staff and students who have an active university ID (QCard). All devices are accessible from student computers and support printing though email and scanning to network storage (OneDrive). Five of these devices support color printing as well.

All faculty, staff and currently enrolled students have 1TB of network storage available to them via Microsoft’s OneDrive.

All Quinnipiac students have wireless access to the internet and email from all classrooms and the residence halls.