School of Law Academic Calendar

2020–21 Academic Calendar

Summer 2020

May 11 Monday Classes begin
June 25 Thursday Last day to withdraw from courses; last day of classes
June 26 Friday Class makeup day
June 29–July 1 Monday - Wednesday Exam Period

Fall 2020

August 14-15 Fri–Sat First-Year Orientation
August 17 Monday 1L classes begin
August 17-18 Mon–Tues 2L Business Concepts Bootcamp (for rising 2Ls)
August 19 Wednesday Upper-level classes begin
August 25 Tuesday Last day to add/drop classes
September 7 Monday Labor Day—university holiday; no classes
September 28 Monday Yom Kippur—university holiday; no classes
November 24 Tuesday Classes meet on Monday schedule; last day of 1L classes; last day for 1Ls to withdraw from courses
November 25–November 29 Wed–Sun Thanksgiving Recess
December 1 Tuesday Last day of upper-level classes; last day for upper-level students to withdraw from courses
December 2 Wednesday Class makeup day
December 3–16 Thurs–Wed Examination period
December 17 Thursday Exam makeup day for weather-related postponements; last day for graduating students to complete coursework
December 18–January 10 Fri–Sun Holiday Recess

Spring 2021

January 11 Monday Upper-level classes begin; Gateway to Practice program for 1Ls*
January 12 Tuesday 1L classes begin
January 15 Friday Last day to add/drop classes
January 18 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day—university holiday; no classes
February 10 Wednesday Self-care day—no classes
March 9 Tuesday Self-care day—no classes
April 2 Friday Good Friday—no classes
April 10 Saturday Business of Law Workshop for 2Ls, 3Ls and 4Ls (optional)
April 22 Thursday Classes meet on a Friday schedule; last day of all classes; last day for all students to withdraw from courses
April 23 Friday Study and Review Day
April 26–May 7 Mon-Fri Examination period
May 7 Friday Last day for graduating students to complete coursework
May 8 Saturday School of Law Commencement

* All references to “1Ls” include both day and evening sections. Evening students are encouraged, but not required, to attend the Gateway to Practice program.

Summer 2021

May 10 Monday First day of classes
June 24 Thursday Last day of classes
June 25 Friday Class makeup day
June 28-30 Monday - Wednesday Exam Period