Graduate Student Affairs’ vision is to provide engagement and discovery opportunities for personal and professional growth outside of the classroom. 

The mission of Graduate Student Affairs promotes and enhances the graduate student experience by supporting academic success through a diverse, student-centered community with opportunities that support and encourage personal and professional development.

Graduate Student Affairs offers a wide range of programs on professional development, academic support, health and well-being, personal enhancement, and engagement opportunities. GSA works with student groups in planning, fundraising and implementing programs. In addition, GSA supports Facilities operations on the North Haven Campus. This includes, but is not limited to, reserving spaces and assigning lockers.

Graduate Student Affairs is responsible for the orientation of all incoming graduate students through the Graduate QStart and Graduate Pathway to Success (GPS) programs. Graduate QStart is an onboarding program to get students involved prior to arriving at the university. In addition, the Graduate Pathway to Success is an orientation program that welcomes students to Quinnipiac and helps prepare them for success in the classroom by providing information during this one-day orientation.

In addition, GSA oversees medical leave of absence requests, advises graduate student council and graduate student organizations, helps with graduate commencement ceremonies and provides assistance with graduate student conduct.

Graduate Student Affairs serves as the central resource for all graduate students. The office is staffed by Gina Frank, dean of graduate student affairs, and Stefano Fasulo, director of graduate student affairs. Students are always welcome to visit the office on the North Haven Campus in MNH-276, or to contact the office at 203-582-GRAD (4723) or

The handbook was edited in August 2023 by the dean of graduate student affairs, with the Office of Marketing and Communications. If you have questions about the content, please contact the dean of graduate student affairs at 203-582-4723.

This handbook is provided to students and applicants for their general guidance only. It does not constitute a contract, either express or implied, and is subject to change at the university’s discretion.