Conferral of Honorary Degrees Policy

The very highest honor bestowed by Quinnipiac University is the conferral of an honorary degree. The awarding of honorary degrees should exemplify and celebrate the values and ideals of the university.

Criteria for selection of recipients will include extraordinary and prolonged professional achievement at the very highest levels; groundbreaking and widely impactful scholarship; highly distinguished and extensive community or governmental service resulting in consequential change; and/or exceptional generosity in, and dedication to, advancing the mission of Quinnipiac University at the national or international levels.

Nomination Procedure

A call for nominations for honorary degrees will be issued twice a year. Nominations may be submitted to the Honorary Degree Committee by students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni and members of the Board of Trustees. The Honorary Degree Committee will consist of the provost, vice president for development & alumni affairs, vice president for public affairs, two senior faculty members with broad community interests selected by the provost, and one dean also selected by the provost. The faculty and dean will serve for two-year periods and may be reappointed after a period of two years off the committee.

Recommendations will be presented to the president after the committee has met and decided on nominations. The nominations are to be made with absolute confidentiality, and no nominee should have advance notice of their nomination. Nominees will have been vetted with background checks prior to reaching the president.

The final decision to award an honorary degree rests with the president, who will notify the Board of Trustees.

Awarding of Honorary Degrees

Honorary degrees will be presented at the appropriate forum, which will vary depending on the university’s and the recipient’s needs and interests.