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Administrative and Program Information

Program Directors

School of Business

Program Name Phone Email
Bachelor of Business Administration Christopher Neidig 203-582-3868 christopher.neidig@qu.edu
Professional MBA D'Lisa McKee 203-582-7913 d'lisa.mckee@qu.edu
MS in Business Analytics Christopher Neidig 203-582-3868 christopher.neidig@qu.edu
MS in Organizational Leadership Christopher Neidig 203-582-3868 christopher.neidig@qu.edu

School of Communications

Program Name Phone Email
MS in Interactive Media and Communications Phillip Simon 203-582-8274 phillip.simon@qu.edu
MS in Public Relations Laura Willis 203-582-7805 laura.willis@qu.edu
MA in Cinematic Production Management Liam O'Brien 203-582-8438 william.o'brien@qu.edu

School of Education

Program Name Phone Email
MS in Instructional Design Ruth Schwartz 203-582-8419 ruth.schwartz@qu.edu
MS in Special Education Judith Falaro 203-582-8868 judith.falaro@qu.edu
Certificate in Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate Jennifer Dauphinais 203-582-7668 jennifer.dauphinais@qu.edu
Graduate Certificate in Online Course Design Ruth Schwartz 203-582-8419 ruth.schwartz@qu.edu
Special Education Certificate of Completion Judith Falaro 203-582-8868 judith.falaro@qu.edu
Sixth-Year Diploma in Educational Leadership Anne Dichele 203-582-3463 anne.dichele@qu.edu

School of Engineering

Program Name Phone Email
MS in Cybersecurity Frederick Scholl 203-582-7394 frederick.scholl@qu.edu

School of Health Sciences

Program Name Phone Email
BS in Health Science Studies Christine Fitzgerald 203-582-8688 christine.fitzgerald@qu.edu
Occupational Therapy Doctorate Barbara Nadeau 203-582-8691 barbara.nadeau@qu.edu
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Occupational Therapy Barbara Nadeau 203-582-8691 barbara.nadeau@qu.edu

School of Nursing

Program Name Phone Email
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Laima Karosas 203-582-5366 laima.karosas@qu.edu
RN to MSN in Operational Leadership Laima Karosas 203-582-5366 laima.karosas@qu.edu
MS in Nursing in Operational Leadership Laima Karosas 203-582-5366 laima.karosas@qu.edu
Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice Laima Karosas 203-582-5366 laima.karosas@qu.edu

Mission Statement

The mission of Quinnipiac University's online programs is to partner with all university schools and colleges to deliver high-quality, student-centric academic programs in a virtual, collaborative classroom.

About Online Learning

Quinnipiac University was an early adopter of online learning, having launched its first online programs in 2001. Over the years, Quinnipiac has developed a high level of expertise in the design and delivery of online learning. Online programs allow students to complete their course work weekly without attending class at a scheduled date and time.

In addition to traditional on-campus programs, Quinnipiac University offers online bachelor’s degree completion, master’s degree, doctoral degree and certificate programs through the university’s School of Business, School of Communications, School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Nursing and School of Health Sciences.

Quinnipiac University also offers undergraduate courses online during the summer. This popular option allows students to advance in their programs, catch up on required or prerequisite courses or expedite their time to degree completion. For information on summer program offerings, visit Quinnipiac's online programs website.

Quinnipiac University's online programs offer students the best of both worlds by combining convenience and flexibility with an educational community that encourages personal connections, faculty guidance and the opportunity to consult and collaborate with peers.

Requirements for Graduation

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