Individualized Bachelor‘s Degree Program

Many part-time students who return to college already have a substantial amount of college credit earned in an associate’s degree program, Credit for Prior Learning, or part-time studies. In addition, experienced students often have unique educational goals that are not met by traditional programs. These students need degree programs which

  1. can accommodate the maximum amount of previously acquired credit, and
  2. allow maximum flexibility in choosing courses to meet individual needs without adding to the total number of credits needed to graduate.

To meet these needs, Quinnipiac offers special general studies degree programs. These bachelor’s degree programs (health science studies and liberal studies) are built around Quinnipiac’s University Curriculum. The dean or faculty adviser works with each student to establish a curriculum plan that makes maximum use of previously obtained credit and incorporates new courses that build in-depth knowledge in the student’s area of interest. See specific information for health science studies and liberal studies programs.