Accelerated Dual-Degree BS in Health Science Studies/Master of Social Work (3+2)

Program Contact: Jason Scozzafava  203-582-7663, Carol R. Awasu 203-582-6433

The Accelerated Dual-Degree BS in Health Science Studies/Master of Social Work (3+2) program is designed for students entering the School of Health Sciences who have an interest in health care and want to pursue a career in the field of social work. Upon admission, students choosing this 3+2 program are assigned to academic advisers who will assist them in designing a customized program to meet their career goals.   

First-year students are automatically enrolled in a career exploration course to help them increase the breadth and depth of their professional interests. A strong emphasis on individualized academic advising is at the core of this program. The student-adviser relationship provides opportunity and support for each student, while pursuing their goals within the Quinnipiac University educational experience.

The Quinnipiac University MSW program prepares social workers for specialized practice in health and mental health. Our curriculum emphasizes interprofessional education to familiarize you with a team-based health care approach while also giving you the freedom to tailor your degree to your specialty. The MSW program prepares you for social work licensure and gives you the tools you need to provide patients/clients with counseling, crisis intervention and access to social welfare and community resources.

Social work is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. As social workers, graduating students enter a broad range of high-demand fields. Hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, mental health clinics, schools and health departments all rely on social workers to treat veterans with PTSD, neglected children, people with chronic illnesses and many others. You will act as a crucial link between patients/clients and other professionals, ensuring that people receive critical health and mental health care.

Through this Accelerated Dual-Degree BS/MSW (3+2) program, you will complete both your bachelor's degree and your Master of Social Work in just 5 years.