Double-Degree BS in Industrial Engineering and BS in Health Sciences Studies

Program Contacts: Jason Scozzafava 203-582-7663 and Emre Tokgoz  203-582-7909

Industrial engineering is a diverse discipline that includes health care as one of the major focus areas of interest. Health Sciences and Industrial Engineering as a double major enables students to learn concepts and gain experience in both science and engineering of health systems. The graduates of the double major are not only expected to grow in knowledge in health systems but also to become strong members of the health system societies. They would be able to apply their health systems engineering knowledge along with the health science knowledge for a better working health system. 

Industrial engineers are employed throughout various industries, including manufacturing, health care and service, to determine the most effective and efficient ways to utilize resources. Industrial engineers are concerned with increasing productivity through the effective management of people, processes and technology. Through exposure to the University Curriculum, foundational coursework in science, mathematics, major field courses and extracurricular activities, students graduating with a BS in Industrial Engineering achieve intellectual proficiencies in critical thinking and reasoning, scientific literacy, quantitative reasoning, information fluency and creative thinking and visual literacy.